Fuck Internet Inspiration

The internet exploits your aspirations by selling you out-of-reach inspiration every damn day.

Tell me if I’m wrong. But don’t you sit everyday, rooted to your chair, hardly moving, forever scrolling down your newsfeed, looking for the next big dopamine hit?

Here’s What Elon Musk’s Daily Schedule Looks Like. 5 TED Talks For People Who Have No Idea Where Their Lives Are Going. If You’re Thinking Of Quitting Your Job, This Letter By This Famous Dude Should Help You Do It. 50 Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity. This Article Will Not Blow Your Mind, It’s Just Fucking Clickbait.

You’re wasting your time. You’re having mindless inspiration shovelled down your throat. Someone who trudges through two hours of concrete work a day cannot possibly emulate an eighteen-hour-day by just reading a five-minute article.

If you could actually pull off Elon Musk’s workday by just reading about it, Elon would make you CEO of his ‘boring’ company in no time. I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way. Look – even Elon agrees with me. Sometime ago he said, ‘If you need inspiring words to do something, you shouldn’t do it.’

The transition from novice to maestro is a long, lonely promenade. You can only walk it by putting one step in front of another. No speedboat or hatchback is going to drop you there. Mastery is mostly plain and rarely plateau.

So if you want inspiration, pick yourself up and use every minute you have on yourself. Download Habitbull and start charting the habits you want to track. Watch Almost Famous and listen closely to the part where PS Hoffman (God bless his soul) tells us “to be honest and unmerciful” to our loved ones. Take it a notch further and be honest and unmerciful to yourself too. It’s the biggest favour you can do yourself. Be fucking ruthless. Be JK Simmons to your own Miles Teller. DIY Whiplash. Don’t stop until you quite find your tempo.

And fuck internet inspiration. You don’t use the WWW to get high on some guy’s success. You use it to brag about the eighteen hours you’ve learned to do after all the blood you’ve shed.


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